Why: We Restore Vintage Cars

Restoration of a classic car is an important investment in the longevity of the marque. Quality restorative work on these old cars prevents their loss to time and decay.

Museum style collectors, as well as individual car classic owners are part of the restoration process. Without them, the long and proud heritage of these old cars would be for nothing. These cars would simply disappear from the auto landscape and our younger generations would not have the pleasure of driving these wonderful old cars or helping to preserve our automotive history.

Restoration is sometimes spurred by a owner’s sentimental attachment to a particular make and model. Perhaps, they knew someone who owned an inspirational classic or they undertake restorations on cars they’ve always hoped to own. Road worthiness and driving safety are also important reasons for correctly restoring your car.

You can be assured that we share your passion for these wonderful old automobiles. Your vintage car is in good hands when undergoing restoration and repair at Auto Alchemy.

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