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Bez Auto Alchemy offers a large range of automotive services. Frame off or partial restorations with engine, carburetor, super charger, transmission rebuilds and gauges refurbishment. We do stock resto as well as mild to wild performance work. Also available are metals repair, safety upgrades, parts refurbishment, freshened body, paint and interior.

Want a factory correct restoration? Auto Alchemy can accurately do this for you. We also offer custom and resto-mod work and have the knowledge to preserve ‘survivor cars’ retaining their original presence.

Restoration perfection is accomplished through close attention to the details. Parts, nuts, bolts are saved, refurbished if usable or they are upgraded using high quality replacement parts. Our parts are sourced from a network of professional vendors. The prep work before paint is smooth and body line accurate. Our after paint finish work is a 6 step cut and buff process.​

Any portion of the work that is ‘jobbed out’ is handled by carefully chosen automotive professionals and specialists. This work is done to Auto Alchemy specifications.
​A minimum standard of work quality and auto repair safety consideration that will not be compromised is performed by Auto Alchemy.
A limited warranty is offered on certain aspects of the automotive resto work. You may be confident of receiving a fully operational, safe driving car restored by a skilled automotive artist/craftsman.

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Vintage Car Restoration, specializing in Avanti and

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