Brad has incredible skills. He knows every detail and aspect of Avantis and does his work like an artist. He knows which parts to use, where to obtain them, and if not available, no problem, he will make them. This Avanti, Bud’s 63, has incredible power and drives like new. I was blessed to find Brad who put this special car back on the road making new memories for the next generation. If you are like me with a passion for cars and Avanits, you should visit Brad’s shop. He is an amazing person and his projects worth seeing.

I am still enjoying your carburetor rebuild on my R2 Lark. To be honest with you, it is almost scary when the car is moving and I floor it, the way it takes off…but I am grinning ear to ear at the same time!

Raymond Loewy’s Personal 1976 Avanti
Brad Bez of Auto-Alchemy did a great job repairing Mr. Loewy’s last Avanti. We wanted to keep it as original as possible. From his engine expertise to his excellent body and interior restorations, his craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations. Along with his competitive rates, I’m most happy to recommend his services. Many thanks to Lew Schucart, Editor of Avanti Magazine, for introducing me to Mr. Bez.

“Brad Bez is well known nationally for his work on Avantis and Studebakers. One only has to look at Brad’s red 1963 Avanti to see how good he is at fiberglass repairs and painting older cars. Brad can repair body damage (sheet metal and fiberglass), paint, sanding, and install new trim.”

1963 Avanti R2
The final finish and paint work and engine tuning was completed by Brad Bez. Brad’s expertise was the driving force that led to completion of this project.

Brad, your website is very professional, just like your work. Your finish on my Avanti is immaculate, obviously done with attention and care to detail. It was a pleasure working with you. I would and have recommended you unequivocally.

Brad has the necessary knowledge to do every part of a frame-off restoration. He is meticulous! He was easy to work with through the process of restoring my R1 Avanti (rebuilt out to a supercharged R2) and my R3. He also did a great job of freshening up my R2 Avanti.

I like that idea of a jeweler working on my car. The attention to detail doesn’t get any better.

Brad understands how to produce a show car. His mechanical knowledge is extensive and his bodywork is some of the best I’ve come across.

My 1976 Avanti rides like a new car. it really looks nice with the springs re-arched and the front end done.

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