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In-depth restoration cost, many times exceeds the restored value of the car. When you commit to a restoration, it’s because you love the marque, take pleasure in owning a true original and wish to participate in preserving these automotive classics.

When embarking on a full or partial restoration, you must be prepared to spend additional money for the unforeseen. There are “always hidden unknowns” that only reveal themselves as the car is taken apart.

Many times, restoration work costs far more than the cars actual finished value. As the vehicle owner, you must understand this aspect of restoration work and be prepared to make a substantial financial commitment before beginning the restoration process.

​Due to the complexity of auto restoration, which addresses hidden damage, repair of original production defects, possible re-engineering of previously done faulty repair work and/or parts fabrication, we are unable to give you an initial ‘firm’ estimate or quote. We do have a reference of general pricing that we can discuss with you, however every car that is restored has differing repair needs.

​Every restoration project undertaken by Bez Auto Alchemy has presented hidden repair needs. These are resto issues that cannot be seen until the car is disassembled, the body stripped of paint and bondo and all parts checked for operational and application viability.

​Bez Auto Alchemy restoration work is priced by labor hours and materials. You may be sure of receiving excellent value and quality for the work time. Labor rates are industry competitive for this specialized type of repair work.

Call to discuss your project.

​An inspection of the car is required prior to scheduling shop time. This can take the form of an actual ‘hands on’ inspection or you may email to us pertinent photo images of the car. Work time is then scheduled for your project.

Restoration work may not begin quickly. We have a wait list.

The work is done on a “time/materials” basis. An advance deposit is required to start the project. When the deposit amount is used, further retainers are required until the work is completed. Depending on the scope of repairs, work time may be as little as a few days, a few months or a year or more for a complete frame-up restoration.

Show cars are the most time and labor intensive. The amount of work and time involved is dependent on the condition of the car when it rolls into our shop. Plan accordingly. In other words don’t schedule show participation until the car has reached the last two months of finish work.

Auto Alchemy references are available.

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