Car Stuff

Two more carburetors rebuilt this week – ready for the client. An Avanti R2 carb and a 289 non-R series carb. These are the heart of your car – make sure they’re clean, set up with the correct parts and functioning well.  The carb has to be pumping the right amounts of fuel at the right times. Without a properly operating carb, your car is going to cough, sputter, hesitate and have low power off the line. Larner 9

Also, in the shop this week is Tom Larner’s Avanti. We had a time set back on this car due to a job-out who dropped the ball!  Not finishing the job, after you’ve made a work commitment is a poor business model. This will assure that you do not get my recommendation or any future jobs from Auto Alchemy. Tom brought his Avanti to me for a new convertible topper. The upholstery guy I jobbed out to assured me he could do the required turn around time, but he returned the car to me with the job half finished. After consulting with a more professional upholstery business owner, I was able to correctly finish the topper and headliner work here at my shop.

I dye matched and installed a new console lid, re-worked/reset the poorly fitting headlight bezels. To do this, I ground down the fiberglass, sanded, priLarner 6med and re-painted the bezels then screwed them into place. The standard attachment for the 89 Avanti headlight bezel is with velcro. Not a good engineering plan in my estimation. I’m now repairing the front lower ground effects under the bumper.  Many small cracks and some broken places in the fiberglass. In-filling with new fiberglass, sanding, primer and I’ll paint it to match the car. I feel bad for Tom – he expected to be driving his car by now and I expected he would be on the road enjoying his car, too.

Larner 8



Giving it a thorough detailing job.