Show quality body work done and paint is on the car. It’s a lengthy process to produce perfectly smooth bodywork. The base repair work of the body has to be smooth with zero ripples and body line accurate. Then it’s followed by a number of primes and blocks until the hand and eye can find no fault. I don’t do just one prime and block out and call it good – this is where the extra time stacks up.


White pearls, in general are one of the hardest paints to lay down. Much care has to be taken to not alter the spray patterns as you paint across the car (doors, hood and trunk lid are painted separately from the body). Variations in paint gun air pressure, the paint mix, painter’s strokes, any of these can alter the outcome, causing mismatches between all painted parts.  White pearl is unforgiving – it will show every problem, including shoddy bodywork.


Starfire Pearl White has an extra fine pearl cut giving an overall glow that’s elegant and refined in appearance.  Well worth the extra prep work for this paint. This car is a looker, for sure.



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