Before and After Avanti Paint

Why perfection of pre-paint body work is important. The curved body lines of the Avanti are unforgiving. Well done bodywork is a beautiful sight showing the car paint color at its best, but sloppy fiberglass work is equally as visible. […]

Avanti Paint Color Teaser

New hot red color on Paul Regna’s Avanti! Photo Credit – GBZ 

Regna Avanti Pre-Paint

Final block sanding is done. Doors, trunk lid and hood are in the paint booth, then the body paint happens! We picked out a good sports car red with extra glow power.Can’t wait to see this color on the Avanti […]

Amping Up A Dual Carburetor

Re-jetting, generally re-working this duel carb set-up for client’s  R4 tribute Avanti. Photo Credits – Lew Schucart  Amping up the initial power response for “getting off the line”!  Engine Jewelry!!

Avanti Power Moon Roof Repair

Progress on Paul Regna’s ’74 Avanti. Photo Credit – Lew Shucart Mud on sunroof surround after repairing/rebonding the moisture lifted seam edges. Ready for sand-down to correct body contour. Also repaired non-functioning power moon roof – now moves smoothly, just […]

Regna 1974 Avanti II in Primer

First gray prime coat laid down – all warm and fuzzy. Photo Credit – GBZ

Avanti Replacement Fender

(Photo Credits – GBZ) New re-pop fiberglass fender fitted and glued into place on ’74 Avanti II. Sanding down and re-contouring passenger side door to correct body alignment parameters.   It took some finessing and extra time, but I was able to […]

New Resto Job In Shop

On Paul Regna’s 1974 Avanti II, I’m replacing bowed out, cracked and full of bondo passenger side front fender. Will also repair the not-working mechanism of moonroof slide and will rebond fiberglass surrounding moonroof. Water leaked into the seam, rusting the […]

Avanti Fiberglass Door Repair

Avanti doors are notorious for cracking and outright breaks in the fiberglass. Almost every car I’ve worked on has needed extra reinforcing and fiberglass work on the doors.  In my opinion, Studebaker did not adequately engineer the doors for the torque of the […]

It’s All Good – R4 Avanti Progress

 Photo Credits – GBZ Freshly painted black frame with parts install underway.  Above is factory correct paint color steering box that I refurbished – also added the original factory inspection markings: OK and a mark-off on pitman to show it has been […]

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