Avanti Super Charger Rebuild

Another one taken completely apart, cleaned and refurbished.

Trunk Lid Work on 1962 GT Hawk

   After de-laminating the outer skin of the trunk lid, I sandblast the metal parts of the inner trunk structure, then straighten the inner structure. This is damage repair, caused by years of packing the trunk too full and closing the lid on […]

Replacing Convertible Top on 89 Avanti

Replacing this convertible top on Tom Larner’s 89 Avanti. The present top has shrunk with age and is coming apart at the seams. All normal canvas roof top occurrences. Also on the project list, replacement of weather seals and some […]

In The Machine Shop

 We had a fun and productive afternoon in the machine shop.  Thom Gipe, Lew Shucart and I recently had the opportunity to work in a friend’s well equipped machine shop. I’m machining a crankshaft pulley spacer on this metal lathe […]

Wilwood Brakes on The Avanti R4

In the shop today – installing Wilwood brakes for Halibrand Mags. These are Wilwood Four Piston Dynalite Brakes. I chose this high performance brake system to bring adequate stopping power to the output of the R4 engine. Fully vented rotors […]

Custom Brackets for Avanti R4 Engine

This week in the shop, I’m building a mounting bracket for the R4 that will hold the Novi supercharger. These modern Novi chargers put out more boost, have a better impeller design, last longer than the ball drive type chargers […]

Studebaker Hawk Door Repair with Lead Working

Due to poor previous repairs, the metal in the repair area was stretched, fatigued and weakened with holes. Rather than using bondo, I used a lead working technique which fills and won’t rust out from the back side. This type of […]

Bushdiecker Hawk Trunk Repair

  GT Hawk trunk corners bitten by rust goblins. Cut away rusted floor areas before welding in sheet metal patches. Ground and seam sealed the welds, then sealed with epoxy primer. Patch welded in, metal refinished and primed – ready […]

Hawk Hood, Trunk and Door In First Prime

Working on 62 Stude Gt Hawk.  All of these body parts needed repair, from dents to rust. I lead repaired passenger door dent, unskinned the entire trunk lid in order to completely strip down to bare metal on the inner structure. […]

Refurbishment of 63 Avanti Dash, Heater Plates and Ashtray

Cleaned and painted the fiberglass under dash. Cleaned and  repainted face plates for heater controls, AC outlets, repainted  vanity tray and replaced the mirror.  Bead blast cleaned the console ashtray and repainted the lid.  

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