Raymond Loewy Carburetor from France

    Can you guess what this is? It’s the original carburetor tag from the first Avanti (R2) that Raymond Loewy owned. Lew Shucart, recently in France visiting and touring with Daniel Chouin (present owner/caretaker of Loewy’s 63 Avanti) brought this […]

Studebaker Drivers Club Gateway Chapter May Meeting

The MO/IL Gateway Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club held their May 2014 meeting at our shop. Brad demonstrated a how to for a braking upgrade from the original Stude brakes to a new Turner Brakes set-up.  Good weather day […]

A Few Extras

I’ve been working on a Spirit of Esctasy radiator cap that goes on a 1934 Rolls Royce. After a lengthy search to find the mascot (sans cap), then another search to find the correct radiator cap, which was sourced from […]

Today in the Shop

Cleaned and now rebuilding a powerhouse dual carb set-up for a client. These may go up for sale – I’ll keep you posted.
R4 Avanti Tribute Closer To Rocking and Rolling

R4 Avanti Tribute Closer To Rocking and Rolling

The pulleys and belts installed – Yeah!!! All parts and pieces placed and this engine is several steps closer to cranking. Custom milled face plates, brackets, lightweight pulleys and the belts all strung.  This includes a Novi blower, power steering […]

Repairs on 63 Avanti

Worked over John Graham’s 63 Avanti. Rebuilt the carb – secondaries were stuck – not opening (at all) – floats now adjusted properly – put in the correct metering rods, jets and calibrated springs for engine size. Straightened the bent fan […]

R4 Engine Progress

I know how you love pictures of sexy…….so here’s some more of that R4 tribute engine!            

Avanti Super Charger Rebuild

Another one taken completely apart, cleaned and refurbished.

Trunk Lid Work on 1962 GT Hawk

   After de-laminating the outer skin of the trunk lid, I sandblast the metal parts of the inner trunk structure, then straighten the inner structure. This is damage repair, caused by years of packing the trunk too full and closing the lid on […]

Replacing Convertible Top on 89 Avanti

Replacing this convertible top on Tom Larner’s 89 Avanti. The present top has shrunk with age and is coming apart at the seams. All normal canvas roof top occurrences. Also on the project list, replacement of weather seals and some […]

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