A Very Merry C-mas to You!!

 What did Santa leave under your Studebaker Christmas Tree? This is our gift to the Bez car shop…a big old bad boy compressor. One of the old guys with solid metal works – no plastic crap!! Nothing worse than being […]

GT Hawk Progress

….and now for the rest of the story. I was doing the final sand down, prepping this Hawk for primer, rehanging the earlier primer sprayed doors. This is where the easy sailing down to the paint finish line derailed. No […]

Richard Clark Avanti Engine Rebuild…and More

Snow Day Test Drive Another Stude that’s been kept in the family. Richard inherited this Avanti which belonged to his Dad and brought it to me to fix the usual oil leak problems. We discovered the engine needed more than […]

Halibrands Refurbishment Update

Repair, cleaning, painting and polishing is just about finished!  One of the aluminum spinner fins was damaged – had broken off the spinner body and was in need of repair. The fin was attached, in-filled, built up with aluminum weld […]

R4 Avanti in Starfire White

Show quality body work done and paint is on the car. It’s a lengthy process to produce perfectly smooth bodywork. The base repair work of the body has to be smooth with zero ripples and body line accurate. Then it’s […]
Car Stuff

Car Stuff

Two more carburetors rebuilt this week – ready for the client. An Avanti R2 carb and a 289 non-R series carb. These are the heart of your car – make sure they’re clean, set up with the correct parts and […]

Starfire Pearl White Paint

…..and we have sparkle, shimmer and glow! Whoa…..was was that? The Moon riding low with a full on glow? Yeah, right here on this Studebaker Avanti! This paint color is OK!! From one light direction it shimmers silver, from head […]

R4 – The Paint is Going On!

Down to the last prime, block and final sanding…..the R4 is going into the paint booth this weekend. It’s smooth as glass, evenly peaked on the rising body lines and rounded where it’s curves sweep away. There’s nothing like the curves […]

Love This Old Stuff

Busy summer days! Another carburetor rebuilt and ready to ship back to the owner. On the way back from attending the SDC Dover Delaware meet, Lew Shucart picked up a nice looking Avanti body, which he’s brought to the shop yard. […]

Bez Resto in Atomic Ranch Magazine

Fun to report that an Avanti restored by us, is the featured ad image placed by AOAI in this month’s Atomic Ranch Magazine.  Great idea and ad placement to rev up interest in this automotive icon of the 1960s. Avanti style […]

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