83 Avanti GM Small Block Engine

Photo Credit – GBZ Shiny brand new GM small block crate engine – 290hp – 350ci installed in Thom Gipe’s ’83 Avanti.  Will add the new chrome air cleaner and it’s ready to hit the road!! The present resto job […]

Rare 1963 Avanti R4

Photo Credit – GBZ Fetched my next resto job from PA over the past weekend.  Lew Shucart and I trailered this car back to the shop. It was an enjoyable trip with the Fall trees in full, flaming color!! This […]

Avanti Engine – Out With The Old – In With the New

Photo Credit – Thom Gipe Thom Gipe’s ’83 is in the shop – we’re installing a new engine.  Thom and Carole cleaning the engine compartment after the old engine is out. This hard working engine is now retired! Brad prepping […]

Avanti Arrival

Michael takes possession of his new ’63 Avanti on ship off-loading dock.Car arrived safe and sound after two week trans-Atlantic journey.

Lew’s Lark Convertible

Lew tooted all around town in this fun little ’63 convertible. He last drove it in 2000, garaging it for the past 12 years.  It’s now in the shop for resto, where we’ll clean it up, remove the rust, upgrade parts and make it a fun […]

Lincoln Classic

Photo Credits – GBZ 1963 Lincoln Four Door = Cruiser Deluxe.   Cleaned, rebuilt the carburetor for this car today. The engine needs some clean up and attention,but the old girl fires and runs, now.

1976 Avanti Looker!

Photo Credits GBZ Finished light freshening of Paul Windish’s 1976 Avanti with Chevy 400ci engine.     Re-arched the springs to obtain the original Avanti body rake. Installed new stereo system. At some earlier point, when the car was repainted […]

Why I Use Delrin

Photo Credits – GBZ On this upper inner control arm bushing, you can see the shaftis no longer centered in the rubber bushing.  These bushings wear fast  because the upper arm is shorter than the lower control arm and sees   […]

Freshening Up 1976 Avanti

Working on Paul Windish’s ’76 Avanti. Photo Credit – GBZ All four in the air…..upgrading suspension, installing new weather seals,re-arching rear springs, installing new clock, adding amp to the sound system. Cleaning, rebuilding and resealing the power steering control valve […]

Up and Running in the New Shop

Photo Credit – GBZ Lew Shucart’s (Avanti Magazine editor) convertible – underway.New frame for this car in the foreground.

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